Using the skills and techniques used by professional stage and television
actors, our courses will boost your employees’ confidence, morale
and teamwork. They will also help managers make more effective
decisions when recruiting or considering promoting staff.

Hendrix Productions provides a different approach to training.
Our courses are completely flexible and can be as unique to the needs of your organisation as you want them to be. They will unlock potential and character traits in your staff that both you and they never knew existed.
Unique to Hendrix The Dog
Areas covered include:
  • Presentation skills
  • Improving confidence
  • Actors for corporate videos and training roleplay
  • Dealing with customers and colleagues
  • Recruitment and identifying talent
  • Induction sessions
  • Morale boosting
  • Media training
  • Forum theatre
  • Tone of voice training
  • Bespoke audio training CD’s
Presenting with ImpACT

Whether it is presenting at a conference, talking to analysts or informing staff, being able to convey a message effectively
is crucial.
This unique course uses proven acting techniques to ensure people prepare themselves fully and lose any fears they might have about speaking aloud or to potentially difficult audiences.

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Tone of Voice training for Contact Centre staff

What we say and more importantly how we say it determines what people think of us; good communication is vital for a successful relationship whether that is in writing or in conversation. People remember our tone, our manner and from this they make judgements about the kind of organisation you are!

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Hendrix In The News

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Tone of Voice

More media coverage of our popular Tone of Voice workshops for call centres

Charities management article


Charity Funding Report
At first glance fundraisers have little in common with actors. Yet dig a little deeper and you realise that, the voice is the most important tool charity staff have when they are working in telephone fundraising and customer service roles.

CFR Issue 96_Jan 2010_


The Times Educational Supplement
Hendrix The Dog's experienced team of actors work within schools to demonstrate to teachers and pupils how powerful drama can be in boosting children's confidence and helping with learning. 

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