Animation of a public speaking | Role play actors

Employee wellness schemes ignore fear of public speaking

Animation of a public speaking | Role play actors

The fear people feel before delivering presentations at work and the impact it can have on their health is being ignored by many employers’ wellness programmes.

Companies are investing in wellness schemes to improve their workers’ health and wellbeing but many overlook the stress people feel when it comes to public speaking.

Employees worry about presenting to fellow staff, at an event or when pitching to new customers.

It can stop someone sleeping, harm their confidence and productivity and lead to absenteeism.

It can even stop talented candidates from applying for promotion if they know they will have to deliver presentations in a new role.

A report by The Economist Intelligence Unit found that stress remains a serious problem in many workplaces.

A fear of public speaking can add to it and companies need innovative and creative ways to cope with it.

Hendrix uses professional actors to train groups and individuals on how to be more confident presenters. The trainers share techniques to calm someone’s nerves and make the most of their voice and body language.

“There is nothing natural about standing up in front of an audience and having people watch you. Wellness is a serious issue at work but by tapping into the actor’s toolbox an employer can boost their presenters’ confidence so business objectives are met.”

To find out more about Hendrix Training’s unique actor-led presentation skills coaching please email us or call directors Lucy Morgans/Steve Hemsley 01892 519504.

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