Animation of Trump and Hilary debating | Corporate Voice Improvement Skills

How Trump’s presentation skills helped him win the White House

Animation of Trump and Hilary debating | Corporate Voice Improvement Skills

If the election of Donald Trump tells us anything it is that how you say something can often be more powerful than what you say.

There is no doubt that as an orator and presenter Trump wowed his audiences.

He used his tone of voice effectively, was not let down by his body language and he kept his messages simple. He knew his audience and how to articulate his points.

Yet when you look at what he said it is a shock he won.

He attacked Muslims, women and the disabled but his speeches were attended and watched by thousands who connected with his words because they found his messaging and presentation delivery engaging.

How you deliver a speech or business presentation will have a major impact on how your audience reacts and how they behave once you have finished speaking.

Trump’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ was evidence of how tone of voice and accentuation can help to engage an audience.

Accentuation, for example, is a verbal version of underlining a word and a powerful tool in any presentation.

Trump would often stress the word ‘Great’.

If you read that sentence out loud yourself and stress the word ‘great’ and then read it aloud again and stress a different word, see how the meaning of the sentence changes.

Make American great again’ or ‘Make America great again’.

Flexibility of tone of voice is one technique actors use during performances and it is one of the presentation skills tips shared during Hendrix’s Presenting with Impact courses.

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