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Public speaking brings its own Brexit fears

Public speaking brings its own Brexit fears

In organisations up and down the country, managers are being asked to make presentations outlining their company's view on Brexit and what they expect the coming months to bring.

There will be worried staff, suppliers and customers who will be considering how the uncertainty of the EU Referendum will impact on their relationship with different companies and brands.

Yet public speaking does not come easy to most people. Nerves can get the better of anyone and our voice and body language can let us down, no matter how important the words are that we're saying.

Getting professional help to present effectively is essential if you want to be listened to and not just heard. Communication relies on engaging with your audience, whether that is one person or a room of 300 people.

There is a huge link between the acting world and business presenting which is why using actors to train people in presentation skills works so well.

When an actor is on stage they have an audience critiquing their every word and judging their every move.

Similarly, people make a judgement about you from the moment you walk into the room and before you have opened your mouth.

The actor only has his or her voice and body to get their character's story across. In the workplace someone's tone of voice and body language will determine whether corporate messages are conveyed effectively.

And actors still get nervous... even the most famous and experienced. Learning performing arts tips on how breathing differently can help to calm your nerves when public speaking can be invaluable.

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