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The best call centres understand the importance of listening

The best call centres understand the importance of listening

Customer service over the telephone is not just about giving information and advice; it is about the giving of time and space – the support of listening.

Good listening is active listening.

"What you don’t say during a call with a customer might be just as important as what you do say."

In a contact centre environment there will be audible signals.

These could be sounds of encouragement, sympathy, the asking of appropriate questions or acknowledgement of what the agent or sales rep is saying.

Active listening allows the other person to tell their story and to get their points across.

Hendrix Training’s popular voice workshops for contact centres and customer service teams focus on the importance of active listening.

The sessions are delivered by professional actors who learn early on in their drama training the importance of listening and then responding. They know how dangerous it can be to anticipate or assume what they will hear on stage.

Agents and customer service representatives can learn how to relax their brain so they listen more effectively and process and absorb the information they are hearing.

To find out more about Hendrix Training’s unique actor-led presentation skills coaching please email us or call directors Lucy Morgans/Steve Hemsley 01892 519504.

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