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Why every contact centre should use actors to boost telephone voice skills

Call center staff | Customer Service Skills Training

A survey conducted by YouGov discovered that 56% of Britons are more inclined to listen to an organisation if they find the voice from the contact centre appealing.

This is about a lot more than measuring which regional accents people like.

When it comes to engaging with customers on the telephone most of us are hard-wired to tell if a company representative really does mean and believe in what he or she is saying..

Actors notice any discrepancy in someone’s tone of voice more than most. They have been through rigorous training to understand how to use their voice and body to their best potential. It is why so many call centres employ actors who are ‘between jobs’.

Poor tone of voice from a call centre rep will have a negative impact on how a brand is perceived and customer service levels can take a dive.

Many people are not aware of themselves when they get on the phone. How they breathe, sit or sound.

A call centre agent must find authenticity and adaptability in his or her own voice. No matter how good they think they are, people can always read in their voice, often subconsciously, whether they are being genuine or not.

Much more persuasive is an open, honest tone that is non-invasive and which easily adapts to the needs of the person being communicating with. If the person you are speaking to has just suffered the death of a pet, for instance, the last thing they want is some perky life-embracer trying to cajole them. However knowing how to adapt your tone to their needs, and taking a gentler approach can work miracles very quickly.

Actors can show call agents and telesales reps how to have a flexible tone of voice.

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